This Man Was Given 18 Months To Live. Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer

This Man Was Given 18 Months To Live. Here’s How He Illegally Cured His Cancer

At the age of 32, David Hibbitt of Staffordshire, UK, was diagnosed with cancer. His doctors gave him a prognosis of 18 months to live.

“I felt like the chemo was killing me and I had nothing to lose,” Hibbitt told Metro. “I could not really accept I was going to die.”

His friends told him about cannabis oil and how it had cured people of cancer in the past. At first, he was dismissive. “I’ve never been into drugs,” he said.

In 2013, he underwent radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery to remove affected lymph nodes in his groin, but it was unsuccessful at stemming the spread of his cancer. In the end, he was willing to try anything, so he gave the cannabis oil a shot.

‘I pay around £50 for a gram from a bloke I know who makes it,’ he said. ‘That lasts me about a month usually.

‘It gets your pretty high and knocks you for six, but it’s nowhere near as bad as chemotherapy.

‘The pain just seemed to disappear and it seems to have done the job.

‘I just want to make other people aware that there are other options out there.’

David was diagnosed with stage-three bowel cancer after initially being told he was suffering from piles.


But he chose to carry on taking cannabis oil rather than have any more treatment, deciding against further chemotherapy sessions.

Following a scan in January he was given the all-clear – paving the way for him to organise his wedding.

Mr Hibbitt, who has a five-year-old son, Ashton, said: ‘We never thought this would happen, it’s great. Fingers crossed now I will grow old.

‘I feel really good and I hope my story will help other people.’

His fiance Heather, a nursery nurse, said: ‘I didn’t want him to take the cannabis oil at first because it’s illegal, but I saw the change in him and slowly got used to it.

‘He is a determined person and did a lot of research. He wanted to live.

‘We are all amazed how well he’s done. I can’t see my life without him. We have come through a hell of a lot.’

Cancer Research UK says it is unaware of people using extracts from cannabis to treat themselves and that there is “no good evidence” to support it as a safe and effective treatment for cancer. But maybe someday the world will come around and give cannabis the chance it so clearly deserves.


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