92-Pound Teen Nearly Dies From Binge Drinking, Now Her Mom Warns Every Kid Is At Risk

92-Pound Teen Nearly Dies From Binge Drinking, Now Her Mom Warns Every Kid Is At Risk

Being a teenager is tough, in many ways, even if it’s thought to be the most carefree time of one’s life: this is when many individuals start to discover who they are and what they want in life. Teens seem to be overly aware of what others may or may not think about them, which will, in part, dictate what they do. The adventurous and daring spirits of teens can sometimes get them in trouble.

But being the parent of a teenager is even harder. As a parent, you often worry about what they could be doing without your knowledge, and the kind of trouble they can get into if they aren’t careful. These are the years when many parents begin fearing the consequences of reckless acts, like unprotected sex and recreational drug and alcohol use.

Even the most well-behaved of children can make mistakes, as mom Melissa Aho found out.

Melissa let her 15-year-old daughter sleep at her friend’s house knowing that she is a responsible person. But that night, the teen ended up in a park with her friends, binge drinking.

It wasn’t long before the 95-pound girl passed out and fell. Her irregular breathing was what got her friends to finally bring her home, and then to the hospital.

Ryleigh’s condition continued to get worse as she vomited into her lungs. The medicine doctors gave her wasn’t doing it’s job to combat her alcohol poisoning.

She’s thankfully alive, after a narrow brush with death. Now her mother has a message for all parents: it doesn’t matter how good of a relationship you have with your child – be aware that this can happen to anyone.



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