The Door To Genetically Modified Babies Has Been Opened

The Door To Genetically Modified Babies Has Been Opened

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For the first time in medical history, the process of gene-editing has been presented to a credible board and given the go ahead. Though there are still some restrictions on the research that will be carried out. But as always, theUK are far behind China in terms of scientific advancement.

Though scientists are elated to be given the nod on the research, they have been warned that they are not allowed to insert edited embryos into a woman’s foetus. This exemption from making the research a very real matter in terms of Frankenstein-esque babies is the only regulation in place to stop the modern fear of  “GM” babies.

Another problem with the research being given a go ahead, is that for the scientists to truly make a breakthrough in the research, they will at times have to ignore the laws put in place. This wouldn’t mean going against the law fully, but would mean that for the scientists to gain true insight into the possibilities that gene-editing creates they would have to stretch the boundaries of the “grey areas”.


The experiments are going to take place just 7 days after fertilisation of an egg. This then will present a problem for Pro life activists. Though the findings could actually be a way of stopping diseases being passed through gene pools, it could also see unborn children being killed in the process.

But as this is rationally given time and thought to be carried out byUK scientists, it does open the door to the idea that if this goes well, then there is no reason why genetically modified babies should be completely ousted from the thought process of scientists.

It is something that could prove fatal and split opinion amongst people exactly down the middle. But at least it is being done with more enforceable regulations as opposed to China’s half-hearted approach. The ethics of it, however, will remain questionable for the future.


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