10 Toxic Foods Made in China Thast Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals

10 Toxic Foods Made in China Thast Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides And Cancer Causing Chemicals

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About the plastic rice that showed up in China, you can find a lot of information on the internet and it was spread across the media. This artificial rice can be very dangerous if you consume it. It can harm your digestive system, even damage your hormones. BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. So when the BPA is in the body it imitates estrogen, and the levels of estrogen become too high. There are more and more items and products made of plastic which are poisonous and harmful for your health, it’s not only the plastic rice.

– Tilapia fish

The worst kind of fish that you can find in the market, never buy it because it is of lowest quality. This fish is mainly farmed in China. Tilapia fish eats anything even the most disgusting things that you can imagine. Tilapia fish is farmed in pools full of waste water. ALWAYS AVOID THIS FISH! Start with the fact that nobody in China eats this fish and everything will be clear to you. 80 percent of tilapia fish in the US, comes from China.

– Cod fish

Same as the tilapia fish, cod fish is also farmed in China. And they have something very similar. They both have low quality and live in their own waste.

– Chinese apple juice

This may be very strange to you, but MORE than 50 percent of the apple juice in the US orginates from China. The country that creates the greatest number of pesticides in the world is China, but it is not put on the labels. Don’t ever buy this juice if you don’t want to have any health problems after drinking it. Why waste money on something that can be very harmful for your health when you can make yourself natural, homemade juice.

–  Processed mushrooms

Recently, in the USA it was discovered that some mushrooms are toxic. The funniest part is that the producers of these mushrooms claimed that they are natural. Be very careful when buy products of this type because in the USA 34 percent of the mushrooms come from China. Always the best choice is raw, organic locally grown mushrooms.

–  Chinese garlic

Another toxic food was found by the food inspectors in the US. It is a garlic originating from China. This toxic garlic is overwhelmed with chemicals and that is what it gives it its bad aftertaste . 31 percent of the garlic in US is from China.

–  Chicken

Since 2013 the Chinese chicken has been sold in the US. By the US Department of Agriculture this sale was approved. The reason why the food experts are concerned about its quality is because China is a country that has great rate of avian flu cases. Another good reason is because China is a country that produces more pesticides than any other country in the world, which is also pretty much polluted, so the quality of the chicken should be questioned very well.

–  Plastic rice

Rice made of fake, artificial rice and potatoes. It is not like normal, natural rice because when you cook it, this rice remains hard. And if you consume this kind of rice for a longer period be very careful with your health cause it may lead to serious diseases.

–  Mud (sold as black pepper)

You won’t belive this, but in China some manufacturers have been collecting mud and selling it as black pepper. The food inspectors and the food regulatory systems should really be more serious about this.

–  Industrial salt

We can still buy industrial salt in any store. It is being sold as table salt, but the industrial salt is not made for consumption. This industrial salt can cause a lot of troubles when it comes to the health of the person who consume it. Some of them are: issues with the physical and the mental health, issues with the thyroid ,even the system of reproduction.

–  Green peas

Like everything we mentioned above China also has been exporting fake green peas. Combination of soy beans, snow peas, green color and sodium metabisulfite (a synthetic that is originally used as a bleach and additive.) is what make these peas. And the most dangerous thing about them is that the green color can cause cancer and it doesn’t let the body to absorb calcium. So that means they are not like the natural peas when it comes to their shape and look. And when you boil them the water is becoming unnaturally greenish.

Like we said China is the country that produces the greatest number of pesticides in the world. But be careful because there is a big chance that they can end up in your meal, especially if you buy Chinese products and foods. And we got to mention that China is also one of the most polluted countries in the world. All products contain toxic chemicals because the air, as well as the waters there, is quite contaminated. The best option is to avoid Chinese foods and products because for example if you live in Beijing, breathing the air there is the same as if you smoke 40 cigarettes a day.



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