Baby Growing In Mommy’s Womb: Life Is A Miracle! (VIDEO)

Baby Growing In Mommy’s Womb: Life Is A Miracle! (VIDEO)

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I’ve been pregnant, twice. I could feel the body changes but I never really knew what was actually going on in there. Watching this video… creating life is absolutely magical!

Well, this amazing short video shows the mind-blowing process for us to witness. It is a computerized, fast-paced – and accurate – window to the womb.

Life is really awesome! Actually, the development of human life in the womb is just astounding. Did you know that all the things about you —how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin– were all determined at the time of fertilization? Month-by-month you developed in the safety and comfort of your mother’s womb up until the big day of your birth at least arrived!

A fascinating video that gives us the story of the unborn child is “Life in the Womb.”  Demonstrating the fetus development in the Uterus.




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