How Many Meals Per Day You Should Eat To Look Better?

How Many Meals Per Day You Should Eat To Look Better?

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meals per daySome people say it’s doesn’t matter if you have 6 meals or 3 meals a day, but in a matter of fact it does. How many meals per day you should eat to start loosing body fat?
Eating 6 meals makes you lose more body fat, while eating 3 meals per day makes you losing none.

Take in consideration that this transformation is without losing weight, so it’s only changing your body composition!

And when people say they want to lose weight, they actually want to look different.
So, focus on improving your nutrition, consuming protein in your meals, aiming at least 1gr protein per pound of your body weight in a period of 24h.
That would be 20-25gr protein per meal on every 3h.
You are going to be AMAZED by the change you’ll get in just couple of days!

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