Using Plastic Bottle More Then Once Is Just Like Drinking From The WC Shell!

Using Plastic Bottle More Then Once Is Just Like Drinking From The WC Shell!

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Are you drinking 2l of water every day trying to have a healthy life?
Well let me tell you, IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

Drinking this amount of water you definitely finished a good job when it comes to hydration of the body, but this doesn’t really count if you don’t care where you drink it from.
In fact refueling your old plastic bottle makes all your effort for a healthy life fall apart.


According to the new research, reused plastic bottle isn’t safe for your health because is full of bacteria. In fact, scientists say that when you drink water from a bottle used multiple times, it’s just like you are drinking it from a WC shell. However, they have carried out their test on bottles of athletes, but the same goes for all of us who deal with sports, although it may not be professional.

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They took a few bottles and measured the quantity of bacteria. It turned out that the dirtiest bottle contains more than 900,000 colonies of bacteria per square centimeter, which is a lot, or more than average toilet shell. Of course, it is an extreme example, but on average, the bottles had approximately 313,499 colonies per square centimeter, which is also not at all naive! Most suitable for the development of bacteria are those that are closed by sliding up and down. Many fewer bacteria found in standard bottles with regular cap, and certainly the best option is to use a straw in the bottle and changing it regularly.

What you can do about it?

For start you can wash them more often – even when you think they are clean enough, wash them again. In addition, be careful what kind of bottles you buy.Finally, it is healthier to choose a stainless steel glass rather than plastic. Or just using glassed bottle is a great solution too.

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