Avocado Smoothie Recipe by the supermodel Adriana Lima

Avocado Smoothie Recipe by the supermodel Adriana Lima

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Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima revealed the one of the most successful secrets of her perfect body, flat stomach and healthy appearance. One of her most important morning routine is the avocado smoothie.


“There is no magic pill that allows you to look good – it’s only discipline and hard exercise”. Lima revealed that exercise boxing, running, and recently CrossFit training. She said it is very important to hydrate your body and drink water in large quantities. She also says that the maintenance of body line and efficiency in training are assisted by the morning avocado smoothie. This healthy drink consists only three ingredients by Adriana’s Lima recipe – ½ avocado, honey and 1 cup water.


How to prepare?

Very simple –  pour in a blender cold water and half peeled avocado , mix , then add honey as much as you wish and blend for a few seconds. If you want more protein smoothie, add milk or yogurt instead of water or even chia seeds. It’s recommended the use of organic ingredients. This smoothie speeds up metabolism, provides energy and can keep you sated at least two hours.

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