The Most Expensive Sandwich in the World Cost 214$

The Most Expensive Sandwich in the World Cost 214$

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This sandwich is made in the New York restaurant “Serendipity 3” and costs 214 american dollars.  According the price it’s written in the Guinness world record book as a most expensive sandwich in the world.

The sandwich is served on crystal platter with lobster and tomato sauce – “Lobster Tomato Bisque”.


The specificity and uniqueness of this sandwich or toast is in its ingredients. The sandwich is consists of:
– two slices of bread made of top champagne Dom Pérignon and pieces of 24 – carat gold, white truffle butter and very rare cheese.

Although the sandwich is insufficient for a “decent meal” for hungry customers, the head of New York’s restaurant Joe Calderon justifies the price of the sandwich by claiming that it is “the most expensive and exclusive ingredients in the world.”

expensive sandwichIf someone decided to taste the sandwich,  the sandwich must be ordered at least 48 hours earlier because the ingredients arrive in New York by plane. This restaurant it’s not for the first time written in Guinness. It’s also known by:
– the most expensive dessert,
– most expensive hamburger,
– the most expensive hot dog,
– the biggest cake and
– the biggest cup hot chocolate ever .

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