9 Important Differences Between Hot and Cold Shower

9 Important Differences Between Hot and Cold Shower

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Some of us prefer to shower with warmer water, while some want colder water. Some love to shower in the morning , others in the evening. But what type of shower has the best health benefits?


Bright Side made an interesting research on this topic and found that showering with cold or warm water is equally good for our health, but the effect is different.
The differences are shown on these interesting illustrations:


So, showering with cold water stimulates the immune system, while the warm water eases problems with nasal congestion.
Cold water improves concentration while showering with warm water relaxes the muscles.



Cold showers in the morning with helps the body to wake up while the hot water releases from stress.
Cold water speeds up metabolism, and the warm water helps against swelling.



Cold showers restores your energy, but hot showers reduces tiredness.
While cold water helps us to burn fat, the hot water removes the toxins.

4125955-8-1469533452-0-1469762282-1470216295-650-1ccd54f71a-1-1470229669The cold shower makes the skin smooth, while the hot shower opens the pores and cleans the skin.
The cold water increase work performance while the hot water eases headaches.


And the last and very important difference, the cold water improves your mood while hot water alleviates insomnia.



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