Flourless 3 Ingredient Muffin Recipe – Healthy & Delicious!

Flourless 3 Ingredient Muffin Recipe – Healthy & Delicious!

I definitely adore healthy and simple recipes with 5 ingredients max! And take a deep breath because this muffin recipe have only 3! It’s awesome I’m doing it right now! The best of all is that they are healthy, gluten free, no sugar muffins perfect for kid snack.

 Flourless and sugarless, so you can add some berries in or make them totally your way.
Delicious quick snack or healthy desert, these muffins are sure going to be my family’s favorite.
For the base you will only need bananas and eggs and some berries you like. That’s all!

Check this 3 ingredient muffin video and make them right away:

For more interesting videos check YouTube channel Mind Over Munch

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