Take A Tree Stump And Drill Several Holes. The Result? Take A Look!

Take A Tree Stump And Drill Several Holes. The Result? Take A Look!

Many people consider planting as therapy. You can easily see why – touching the nature from the inside and being part of it by planting and watch the plant grow as well as nursing it, has a healing effect.

Tree Stump

Gardening stimulates creativity as well. There are so many plant varieties every on of them has it’s own purpose and story. Arranging your garden, by choosing the plant variety or decorating is a perfect way to express yourself and your values.

Great way to express your creativity and your sense for decorating is choosing a perfect pot or planter where your precious flowers will grow.

It’s always here the most simple choice to pick up just an ordinary plastic pot or hanging planter. But if you want to make your garden to be your special place choosing a DIY flower pot and create something unique is the right choice.

If you really want to express your creativity and make your own heaven in your garden this is a great idea for you – tree stump with holes!

Tree Stump
Credit: The Succulent Guy, Instagram

You can often find tree stumps thrown, with no use, but if you think twice, you can use them pretty well. Find a tree stump drill several holes plant a flower and I promise you, you’ll become thrown tree stumps collector!

Tree Stump
Credit: Well-Nested Interiors

Make a hole using chainsaw or axe and put a potting soil and seeds.

Tree Stump
Credit: A Proverbs 31 Wife

Watch this great video to see how to prevent rotting and how to seal the planter that will be wet all the time as you water your flowers.

These planters are perfect to keep the natural beauty and spirit in your garden  or you can bring them inside to get closer to the nature.

Tree Stump
Credit: Wonderful DIY

Or you don’t need to keep it natural, if you are good with wood and tools you can make wood miracles, check this out and inspire your self:

Tree Stump
Credit: Little Piece of Me

You can’t find any tree stumps but you have alive standing tree with a few holes in it? Use them as well as your creativity and make your garden true haven!

Tree Stump
Credit: Mare Simonar-Dykes

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