Weight Loss: Top 3 Inspirational Videos

Weight Loss: Top 3 Inspirational Videos

Looking for some inspiration and motivation to finally start losing weight? Don’t tell me about it…


I am stuck almost 2 years trying to start, I’ve tried few times and just let go… Desperately wanted to lose weight and feel sexy in my body again, after pregnancies, so I really needed something to inspire me.
I made top 3 inspirational videos that worked for me fine, so take a look:

#3 Inspirational Video: Great video presentation of her results and how she did it:

#2 Inspirational Video: Truly honest man presentation of how hard but promising loosing weight can be:

#1 Inspirational Video: Pretty motivational fitness journey diary of a mom during the pregnancy and after giving birth, my number 1 recommendation:

My fitness journey is in progress, so hopefully I can post my before and after result soon. Let me know if you made some good results, be my inspiration! 🙂

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