How to know when it is time to stop a workout

How to know when it is time to stop a workout

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You do every day your workout no matter how much it hurts, after all you have goals to reach and no one ever regrets a workout, right? But sometimes people can cause serious damage in the process of workouts. So how will you know the difference between a burn and something more serious?

We present to you four red flags  that you cannot ignore:

  1. Any pain that feels shooting or stabbing

Shooting, radiating or knife-like pain. This is number one red flag when you have to stop, even if you are in the middle of a workout.

  1. Bruising when you didn’t bump into anything

If you feel any kind of a twinge, then notice a bruise in that area through you didn’t bump into anything, you need to stop your workout. Anytime there’s bruising it usually means there is some sort of internal tear.

  1. Pain that forces you to switch up your form

It is very common to tweak something early on in a workout that fades away. But a pain that lingers or gets worse is not good. Partly its so to keep you from adjusting your form to try and offset the pain – which can do even more damage.

  1. Exhaustion

The good kind of tired you feel after a workout is positive. But if you feeling yourself dragging through the days – you’ve gone too far. Exhaustion is first and clear sign that you are over-training and forcing yourself.

Note: Rest often, eat well and HYDRATE!


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