Eat Right And Be Healthy According Ayurveda

Eat Right And Be Healthy According Ayurveda

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  -Hipporates


The food that we are eating and also our diet is an essential factor for the formation of our body.  Ayurvedic medicine have mentioned a few principles for living a life feeling perfectly healthy. Diet should be regulated, taking in consideration the “Desha” (territory), “Kala” (season, time of the day) and “Rasa” (tastes) in order to prevent nutritional deficiency disorders.

Time of consuming food – According to Ayurveda a person should take meal only when he feels hungry. Lunch should be the largest meal of the day taken early between 12pm and 1pm because this coincides with the “Pitta” period which is responsible for the digestion.

Quantity of food – Generally half of the capacity of stomach should be filled with solids, 1/4th with liquids and the rest should be kept empty for free movements of body humors.

Sequence of consuming food– Sweet food like fruits are advisable to take before the beginning of meal, food with Amla and Lavana (sour and salty) in the middle and bitter, astringent and pungent foods should be taken at the end of a meal.

Method of consuming food:

  • Sit in clean place in pleasant environment with the affectionate persons in sitting position.
  • Eat only food prepared by loving hands and in a loving way. This is important because it increases the quality of the food.
  • Food should be taken after complete digestion of previous one.
  • You should chew your food until it is an even consistency before swallowing
  • Few sips of water is advised now and then while taking meal
  • Heavy substances after meals should be avoided
  • Do not drink cold drinks just prior to or while eating cause this weakens digestion
  • Do not eat while being distracted by television, conversation or reading, you should keep the mind present and pat full attention.
  • Don’t eat fruits immediately after meals
  • Walk a while after meal to help digestion
  • No traveling, exercise or sexual intercourse within one hour after meal
  • Avoid meals when you are thirsty and water while hungry
  • Avoid meals when you are having no appetite


The way you eat your food is even more important than what you eat. Even foods which normally are causing imbalance will be digested well if the proper rules are followed. Likewise if you are eating the correct food in the wrong way, your digestion will be compromised, so gas, indigestion and the formation of toxins will follow. So choose these food habits and correct foods and then your digestion will be maximized.

Let this few rules be your daily routine, because your body deserves it!

*Learn more for proper food combining according Ayurveda HERE

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