Orthodox Easter Facts

Orthodox Easter Facts

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While you might think Easter is over, it’s just beginning for some. Orthodox Easter is starts today.

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Most Christian faiths use the Gregorian calendar, adopted in 1528 by the Roman Catholic Church, but Eastern Orthodox religions use the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar do coincide some years, but other years they can differ by one to five weeks. Next year, the two Easters will fall on the same date.

Here are five other facts about Orthodox Easter:

  • Lent works similar to the Catholic Lent. Orthodox Christians participate in Lent the 40 days before their Easter. Orthodox Easter Facts
  • Greek Orthodox Christians often dye Easter eggs a deep red color. The red represents life, victory and the blood of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Easter Facts
  • Tsougrisma (pronounced TSOO-grees-mah) is a game often played on Orthodox Easter. Two players each take an egg and hit them against each other. The winner is the player with the non-broken egg. That person is believed to have good luck for the next year. Orthodox Easter Facts
  • There are many wonderful dishes made for Orthodox Easter. The Greek Orthodox have traditional bread called tsoureki and butter cookies are known as koulourakia. The main dish is oftentimes Lamb. Russian Orthodox meals include ham, Kielbasa, Hrudka, Pascha and red beet pickled eggs.Orthodox Easter Facts
  • “Christ is risen!” in Greek is “Christos Anesti!” People typically respond with “Alithos Anesti,” which is translated to “Truly He is Risen” or “He Has Risen Indeed.” Orthodox Easter Facts


Do you have any Orthodox Easter family traditions? 

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