The Craziest Watermelon Skinning Trick Ever

The Craziest Watermelon Skinning Trick Ever

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You are preparing a party? Expecting guests? Here is a great way to surprise them with this prefect watermelon skinning trick!

We all know to cut watermelon in cubes and slices, but if you wanna be unique and fun you should definitely try this out. Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer, that find out the coolest watermelon party trick.
He takes 2 watermelons same size. One fully skins by removing outer slices with a knife and smooths its surface with a dish scrub. The other one cuts in half and cleans the entry.

If you want extra fun, interested in Watermelon Smoothie Hack in 2 Minutes, maybe? Fun for the kids, no mess and delicious, you should definitely try this at home!
So check this out:



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