Chocolate Shake Blueberry Parfait

Chocolate Shake Blueberry Parfait

Pure perfection! You don’t even have to taste it, just watch…
But, if you are really interested how chocolate it could be, check this out:

Chocolate Shake Blueberry Parfait
Chocolate Shake Blueberry Parfait

Chocolate – Shake:
– 250ml plant based milk of choice
– 2tbsp raw cacao powder
– 1-2 tbsp vegan protein powder
– 1 banana, in slices, frozen
– 2tbsp oats
– 2tsp peanut butter
– vanila extract

– 2-3tsp maple syrup
– 100ml water
– dates, pitted & soaked


– 2-3tsp cacao nibs
– berries of choice
– vegan granola


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend to a smooth and creamy consistency. Pour the thick-shake into glasses, sprinkle the cacao nibs on top, garnish with fresh berries and enjoy with either a spoon or simply drink it.

*Recipe and photo credit:  Nadia Damaso
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